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The Best Twitter Tutorial Videos of All-time

Welcome to Twitter
By now, we’re all at least somewhat familiar with Twitter, the micro-blogging phenomenon that everyone seems to be joining in on.  It’s on the nightly news, in commercials, on late night TV and talk shows – everyone’s “tweeting”.  You’re probably wondering if you should jump on the Twitter bandwagon, or maybe you already […]

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Should Your Business Be on Pinterest?

Just in case you missed it, the latest selection on the social media wheel, Pinterest — a new social media platform that behaves like a virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows users pull photos and other content from the web to “pin” on their own “board,” essentially making their favorite online content and making it all easily […]

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The Facebook 6: Tools For Business Marketing Success

Facebook has really caught on in the last 4 years, having over 500 million users, 200 million of those being active mobile users. With the average Facebook user having 130 friends, chances are your on Facebook or know someone who is.  However, with the continued success of the Social Network movie, there is influx of new users to Facebook; the […]

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Are You Blogging Yet?

Is blogging still hot? You bet it is..
In the dawn of the” Information overload” age, user-generated content is at it’s highest. We no longer need to rely on traditional forms media for information. Anyone with internet access has the opportunity to create their own blog, publish their thoughts to communicate to the rest of the world, establish themselves […]

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Complete Guide To: Effectively Use LinkedIn

LinkedIn Overview

With the rapid growth of social media, we have all the business connections we need are at our finger tips. Using LinkedIn, can help you connect with the people you need. Enabling you to build a powerful network while allowing consumers to read testimonials and gain valuable knowledge of your business or giving you […]

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Fans vs. Followers: Which are More Valuable?

One offers push; the other, pull.
There is a lot of discussion lately about which is more valuable for brands, Facebook fans or Twitter followers. As budgets remain tight, answering this question represents the Holy Grail for evaluating the return on investment of social media. In order to continue to produce effective marketing messages […]

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When Are Facebook Users Most Active?

The sales of smart phones up from last year is no surprise with users spending increasing amounts of time online on social networks like Facebook, but when exactly are users the most active and why should it matter? Social media management company Vitrue just released a study that identifies the days and hours users are […]

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Stop Lurking. 10 Reasons to Leave Blog Comments.

Lately, it seems like everything we do and see has been shrink-wrapped in complexity. You can see the solutions inside, but get into it becomes the new problem. From a marketing standpoint, everything seems to be revolving around social media networking and the benefits it possess as a marketing tool. We understand how it works, […]

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5 Types of Blogs, which is best suited for you?

In this Blogging series, so far we have covered blogging basics in Smart Introduction to Blogging, we’ve discussed some really good reasons to start blogging in Reasons To Start Blogging Now, now to further the discussion, we’ll talk about the 5 main types of blogs in hopes of inspiring you to discover the type of […]

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Reasons To Start Blogging Now!!

Things have shifted away from pushing media content to allowing users to pull content at their leisure, in a way that they see fit. The days of turning on the TV or read the paper as a way of consuming media are long gone. It’s the Internet that is king. Currently, there are about 1 […]

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Smart Introduction to Blogging

Blogging is the single-most important thing you can do in Social Media and Web 2.0. It is a vital social media tool for any person or organization. Blogs are the voices of conversational media and a focal point for other aspects of digital marketing. Search engine optimization and marketing, online advertising, online public relations, and […]

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