Welcome to Twitter

By now, we’re all at least somewhat familiar with Twitter, the micro-blogging phenomenon that everyone seems to be joining in on.  It’s on the nightly news, in commercials, on late night TV and talk shows – everyone’s “tweeting”.  You’re probably wondering if you should jump on the Twitter bandwagon, or maybe you already have, and it’s still not making sense.

Lots of helpful guides exist, but check out the most popular Twitter video tutorials ever all right here for your viewing pleasure. From learning how to tweet, discover new content, get more followers, or just figuring out what the heck a hashtag is, these 12 terrific Twitter videos on YouTube have got you covered! For more information follow us @stroweinconsult

1. Twitter in Plain English

Views: 2767200 *note: only playable on YouTube

2. Discover more about #newtwitter

Views: 458228

3. Twitter Tutorial – Getting Started

Views: 328522

4. Twitter for Small Business

Views: 152260

5. Top Twitter Tools Tutorial

Views: 54788

6. O’Reilly Webcast: Twitter for Business

Views: 36328

7. Twitter Tutorial: Finding Followers

Views: 31453

8. Twitter Tutorial 2 – The Basics How To Tweet, Reply and Follow

Views: 30379

9. How To use Twitter for Business (Part 1 of 3 – ‘Listening’)

Views: 29701

10. Twitter Retweet Explained

Views: 28542

11. Twitter Tutorial – how to attract more followers

Views: 16154

12. Customized Twitter Theme Experience

Views: 11400
So which Twitter tutorial did you find most helpful? Also feel free to ask any questions you may have about Twitter and I will do my best to answer them as soon as possible!