Marketing is a very complex discipline, it’s a blend of both creativity and science. Reducing marketing to one single formula is a common mistake, rather it is made up of a combination of imagination, know-how, and experimentation. No need to worry it doesn’t have to be overly complicated.  First step is develop a marketing strategy (What do you want to achieve?). Next, choose a few tools and tactics (How do you want to achieve it?). Finally, make sure everything is aligned. When choosing tactics be sure to focus on quality rather than quantity, thinking of your target audience first. How relevant is what I am doing to my target audience? By following these simple guidelines matched with a few of the tools and tactics below and you can find great marketing success regardless of the size of your marketing budget. Many of these can be done with little to no money, and will cost you nothing more than a bit of your time.

The key to Marketing success is repetition.

Many small business owners make the fatal mistake of trying many different marketing strategies and then check to see which ones produced the best results. Don’t take this flawed approach. A better approach to getting great marketing results from even the smallest efforts is to pick a handful of tools and strategies and do them many..many.. times. The point is, commit to focusing on perfecting your marketing strategy instead of jumping from strategy to strategy

Here are a few marketing ideas for small business owners to implement into their current marketing strategy, or use as the foundation of a new one.

Marketing Tactics

1. Business Cards
2. Stationary
3. Personal Letters
4. Thank You Notes
5. Vanity Numbers
6. Postcards
7. Classified Ads
8. Blogs
9. Videos
10. Community Bulletin Boards
11. Testimonials
12. Case Studies
13. Billboards
14. Outside Signage
15. Inside Signage
16. Window Display
17. Street Banners
18. Stickers
19. Posters
20. Door Hangers
21. Workshops
22. Press Release
23. Infographics
24. Brochures
25. Business Directories
26. Networking
27. Affiliate Marketing
28. Media
29. “VIP” customers & clients
30. Loyalty Program

31. Referral Program
32. “A-List” customers
33. Call to Action
34. QR Codes
35. Product Seeding
36. Customer Service
37. Upselling
38. Downselling
39. Cross Promotions
40. Barter
41. Public Relations
42 Letters of Recommendation
43. Word-of-Mouth
44. Attending Tradeshows
45. Direct Mail
46. Advertising
47. Cause Marketing
48. Community Events
49. Sponsorships
50. Club & Association Memberships
51. Newspaper Ads
52. Radio Spots
53. Magazine Ads
54. Free Directory Listings
55. Tradeshow Booth
56. Attending Industry Conferences
57. Public Speaking
58. Television Commercials
59. Podcasts
60. Web TV Show

61. Gift Certificates
62. Special Events
63. Forums
64. Coupons
65. Free Trail Offers
66. Email Marketing
67. Guarantees
68. Contests
69. Memes
70. Website
71. Landing Page
72. SEO
73. Newsletters
74. Newsletter Ads
75. Branded Content
76. Product Placement
77. Positioning
78. TV Show Guest
79. Radio Show Guest
80. E-Books
81. Editorial
82. Advertorial
83. Webinars
84. Joint Ventures
85. Brand Name
86. Copywriting
87. Articles
88. Location
89. PPC
90. Banner Ads