Is blogging still hot? You bet it is..

In the dawn of the” Information overload” age, user-generated content is at it’s highest. We no longer need to rely on traditional forms media for information. Anyone with internet access has the opportunity to create their own blog, publish their thoughts to communicate to the rest of the world, establish themselves as a thought leader in their field, and possibly even make money out of it.

Here’s an interesting read, the Grasshopper Group has compiled the current state of the blog economy in 2010. These figures are on an increasing trend. Most of the blogging are happening in America, compared to 19% coming from Europe, 8% from Asia-Pacific.

From 2009 to 2010, we have noticed an increase of self-employed bloggers, rising from 9% to 21%. In fact, 19% claim their blog is their company, and their salary is made up of few things:

  • * display ads
  • * affiliate marketing links
  • * search ads
  • * giving speeches
  • * being a spokesblogger, and attending events
  • * paid postings, rich media ads, and others.

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